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To help myself if I ever need to do this again, and to help anyone else in the same situation, I’ll detail below what I did.Most importantly, I will highlight where I ran into problems, what the problems were, and how I resolved them. All the following needs to be done as root on the box that will act as single-node cluster.

I do not want to bother with non-packaged installs, as that would make my life harder later, so here goes.

If you don’t kill the server, many things you do below will be overwritten the next time the server stops.

Next, let’s set up the server process; in the following, replace ‘SERVER.

Last week I found myself needing to do something I really hate: solving a problem I know I solved before.

What made this not a fun experience was that I couldn’t find any notes from what I did the last time, which is rather unusual.

You see, every time I encounter a problem with a non-obvious solution I like to write a blog post about it.

That way, not only do I have a single place to look for notes, but it may also prove useful to others.

In fact, the most-visited posts on this blog tend to be just those.

Anyway, the problem at hand was the installation of the Torque/PBS job scheduler on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS box.

The plan was to initially install the scheduler on a single box, acting as server, scheduler, compute node, and submission host.

Eventually, job submission would be extended to other machines, adding them also as compute nodes on additional queues.