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Flirting is, at its most basic, a way to meet girls and see (within a short period of time) if they’re compatible.

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Using cheesy pickup lines, being too aggressive, touching inappropriately or being in any way vulgar or rude will get you not only turned down but also probably slapped.

Flirting is designed to make the person you’re flirting with feel attractive and special, not intimidated.

Sexual tension is fundamentally when there exists polarity, magnetism or, as they like to call it, “attraction”.

The largest misnomer that exists is that one can create attraction – this is FALSE. Attraction is based on polarity & magnetism, NOT on the outside elements you are probably obsessed with right now…”what do I say”, “what should I wear”, “how should I stand”…Flirting is basically the hardest idea for men to get who struggle with females, dating & relationships.

Most men lack the ability to understand it, & then how to work with it.

The primary way to influence sexual tension is to flirt with females.

It takes some balls to flirt with females, as it indicates automatically a sexual interest, which is uncomfortable for lots of men.

What you are looking for are opportunities to insult her, point out her flaws (not physical, of course), treat her like a small brother that you don’t take seriously.

Do all of this though with a smirk – you don’t require to be taken at face value here.

By pushing/pulling all in one they mix brain signals, & engage her emotionally.

This is the clearest way to communicate that you are comfortable around her, & that he can be comfortable around you too.