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way - feeding off the emotions of those he comes into contact with, making himself feel better at the expense of his conversation partner's emotional well-being.

Like the vampires of legend, a psychic vampire can "turn" you, too - with enough of your energy drained, you can become an energy drainer yourself, feeding off the positive emotions of others to sustain yourself. The first time I encountered a person like this was in college.

But, just like emotional contagion, this is not some paranormal phenomenon - rather, it's simply down to empowering and emoting, seeing and mirroring. There was a guy on the floor of my building who would stop by whenever he was walking past my room - I always tried to keep my door open - and strike up a conversation.

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By the end of a conversation with him, I would always feel drained... Same deal with my roommate - in fact, he was the one who pointed it out to me: "Man, that guy is really depressing," he said one time. "It's weird, because he's really smart, and a talented singer, but he just... Whenever he comes by, you end up feeling worse." When you're good at using emotional contagion in a positive way, you can impress your own positive emotions on most other people without costing yourself anything emotionally.

That's because after a little push of positivity from you, they feel empowered, and give you positive feedback - and you create a cycle of empowering one another.

It works that way when you are good with empowering and energizing via emotional contagion - people universally will tell you that just talking to you for a few minutes makes them feel better, like they can take on the world.

And you come to very much Rather than being a well of positive inspiration, they instead transform themselves into deep, dark, empty wells, bottomless pits of despair into which they suck your positivity, leaving you bereft of emotional energy. They speak poison, shatter dreams, and make you want to give up and go home.

And the most talented of them do it while making it difficult for you to tell what they're doing. The more powerful a man you become, the more there appear people who want to siphon off some (or all) of what you have to themselves.

But even if all you have is richness of emotion, for some individuals, this is enough. They very often are adept at picking out people's points of pride and feeding them back to them.They know how to give people those little ego boosts that make others think, "Obviously, this is a very smart fellow - look how easily he realizes my good qualities!" They very quickly, deftly, and easily check off the "empower" step on our path to emotional contagion.Further, they also carry around with them a barrel full of extravagant, fantastic promises: , they stick around anyway, against their better judgment, because they want those things they've been promised, and they fear upsetting the vampire out of concern they might lose what's been offered.Thus, the trap is laid: the psychic vampire makes his insightful, astute observations of your good qualities, building you up and making you feel connected and open to him, and then he dangles enticing-sounding rewards - which he promises to fulfill .Now that an emotional vampire has you roped in, he has you feeling empowered around him - you are powerful, recognized for your greatness, and soon will have desirable things, which he will provide.