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There is nothing more that I love than helping individuals build look their best, build confidence, take better photos, get more dates and ultimately find that special someone.

My approach to online dating photos goes beyond just taking photos, it entails a holistic strategy including: When you book with me, I build a custom photo shoot package that optimizes your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos come out looking natural, confident, happy, playful, authentic and candid - just like if your friends or family member took them.

I shoot exclusively outdoors and indoor public places with natural light - no studios!

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A forced and/or overly retouched photo taken by a professional is just as bad as an amateur blurry photo and can be worse than no photo at all!

A booking with me is customized to present yourself in the best light.

It might involve a bar, beer garden, hiking trail, park, street art murals, an event or more.

As a world traveler, urban explorer and foodie, I know where to go, when to shoot and what will inspire people to check out your profile and spark up conversation starters.

Unlike other photographers I do not charge extra for outfit changes or number of locations.

Lastly, I don't post online dating photos of my clients online like other photographers. View me as a friend; I am laid-back, thoughtful and have an ability to make people feel at ease around me.Concerned about running into someone during a shoot? I am not your typical photographer - you can easily introduce me as a friend with a camera. I have an uncanny ability to adjust to any situation and go with the flow. While I primarily work with referrals, I do occasionally work with others.As a photographer, I naturally became the lead on the visual side of our new business.But as we started building our website, social media content and courses, I quickly realized that I couldn’t do it all on my own. There are some big changes happening at Karina Louise Photography.I’m entering a new and exciting chapter in my personal life that will be taking me away from my photo clients for a little while.My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in the fall and we couldn’t...