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You might find the solution for your problems from the distributions official forum, IRC channel or mailing list very efficiently.Try looking the distributions home page for more information. If you are dual-booting your machine, it is possible to symlink your steamapps folder from linux to the windows location.

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If you use 64-bit windows, the program files directory will need an (x86) suffix.

A fix for using steam:// style protocol links with Firefox can be found here: [1].

The author says it will work under Ubuntu, but it may work under other flavors of Linux.

RPM packages are available from RPMFusion for all supported Fedora releases. Then run it by typing: "playonlinux" in the console and click on "installer", select "jeu" or "game" and next, select steam, next, say yes for all next steps, and here it is, Steam Is installed ! POL does install Steam but the Tahoma truetype font is not installed correctly therefore not allowing you to view the normal text on the screen. I can view the default Steam webpage and the community page no problem.

The package works fine on both i686 and x86_64 systems and already contains support for the S3 Texture compression library for open source drivers (radeon, intel and nouveau) along with all the required libraries to start playing with Steam games. But the login text is invisible, the My Games screen text is invisible.

Note: There is also a staging repository where additional options are added to the package, like Valve's xpad driver, packages for running the Steam OS client in Steam OS mode and a "noruntime" package to disable the Ubuntu Runtime. NOTE - Tahoma font installs properly on Backtrack 4 Pre Release.

(Tested 6/15/09) NOTE - Tahoma font can be installed by copying it from your windows pc to a flash drive and then putting it in a hidden folder (on your linux pc) named .fonts (you may have to make the folder0 in your root directory (Tested in kbuntu 10/16/09) The Tahoma font can be installed using winetricks with the command without a windows install to copy it from.

winetricks is a easy to use tool that can install many useful resource in Wine, including the needed Tahoma font.

If your distribution provides a prepackaged version it is highly recommended you use that version.

You can get winetricks here, you can also use wget to download winetricks: If you are having problems you might want to take a look Wine's official wiki pages.

If this doesn't help try find what kind of live support method does your distribution provides.