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The report also revealed that two patients had a delay in their diagnosis of cancer following CT scans.

Speaking at the meeting of the trust, director of nursing, Rachel Overfield said: “We as a trust have discussed these incidents in private and now have brought them here in order to be more transparent.

We had just shy of 1,000 incidents in April but these were of either no harm or minor harm.

The main key trends in the data is poor documentation issues and particularly an increase in falls.“There has also been an issue with equipment in maternity and delays in acting on abnormal scan results.

We also had cases of pressure ulcers, though some of these were out in the community, and a case of norovirus in April.

There were incidents that were clearly unexpected and now we will be introducing a nominated lead for the safety team in order to address these.”Amir Khan, Medical Director for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “We would once again like to offer our condolences to the family on their loss.

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He was admitted to the hospital suffering with shortness of breath and had recently lost two stone.

Tests were carried out, but the results of a CT scan were not immediately acted upon.

Twelve hours after the scan, the man went into cardiac arrest and died.

The death was recorded as part of a serious incident report submitted for the board meeting of the Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust on Thursday.