Power of touch dating

Here at The Snuggle Buddies we strive to provide you with the most relaxing and enjoyable professional snuggling experience possible.

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Our experienced cuddlers will soothe your mind, body, and soul to blissful relaxation.

We don’t discriminate against anyone and would love to be your snuggling partner.

It is very easy to call us and set up a meeting with any of our trained professional snugglers.

Touch therapy is an alternative therapy that has shown many remarkable benefits.

Experience the healing power of human touch today with any of our professional cuddlers.

Our mission is to remove loneliness and the symptoms it creates from the world through platonic interaction.

Depression, anxiety, and stress have all shown to be improved with therapeutic touch.

We also offer a completely platonic outside companionship service for people that don’t want to go alone to venues.

We offer this outside companionship experience because we understand that going out is simply more fun with others.

Please read about the benefits of snuggling on the Benefits page.

All clients must sign an agreement agreeing that no sexual activity of any kind with snugglers will take place. We are unable to provide service for anyone unable to agree to the contract. I met my snuggler today and had a great, different experience.