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I hope that at the theater my T-shirt wasn't peeking out.

Yarol Poupaud sait jouer de plusieurs instruments mais il est plus connu pour son rôle de bassiste.

Il commence à jouer à la guitare à l’âge de 12 ans, en 1987, il fonde avec deux de ses amis le groupe Fédération Française du Fonck.

Le groupe sort 3 albums entre 1991 et 1996 et remporte la Victoire de la musique du meilleur concert en 1997.

Marie writes: If I have a favorite festival, it's SXSW and which is actually a convergence of film, music and emerging technologies.

However it's the festival's penchant for screening "quirky" Indie movies which really sets my heart pounding and in anticipation of seeing the next Wes Anderson or Charlie Kaufman.

So from now until March, I'll be tracking down the best with the zeal of a Jack Russell terrier!Especially since learning that Joss Whedon's modern B/W take on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" is set to screen at SXSW 2013 in advance of its June 21st US release date; they'll cut an official trailer soon, rubbing hands together! Spider; I am profoundly sorry to have taken you from your home in the woods, when I was picking Himalayan Blackberries on Monday afternoon.I didn't see you fall into my bucket and which was entirely my fault; I must have bumped into your web while reaching for a berry.Needless to say, I was surprised upon returning home with my bucket full, to suddenly see you there standing on a blackberry and looking up at me." - Marie (photo recreation of incident) Continue reading → From the Grand Poobah in Toronto: It was slightly chilly and I threw on my Toronto International Film Festival jacket and hurried out of the hotel.Only an ooh and an ahh from behind me at the Elgin Theater alerted me that I was wearing my official Roots 20th anniversary jacket.Since 2010 is the festival's 35th anniversary, that's not bad, n'est-ce pas?