Naughty granny chat Planetside players not updating

Here's a long overdue update for the state of PSForever and the Planet Side 1 community.First, we'll start with some news, then some random screenshots from the last month or so, and finally end with a development recap.

We also hit a concurrent online player count of about 100 and even had an ‘Orange Alert’ at Bel on Forseral.

Hundreds of players would log in during the course of this weekend, celebrating a game that we will not soon give up on. I want to personally extend my thanks to Chord and Deathkill for their contributions to making some important anti-hacking tools a reality, and for allowing and teaching Sulferix and I how to utilize them to deter cheaters.

I’m humbled to have this opportunity to ensure fun and fair play in my favorite game.

Since using these tools, cheaters have disappeared, and our numbers have been increasing.

One weekend we were amazed to have 30 concurrent players playing the game. Then we started seeing numbers around 20-30 on weekdays, particularly in the Asian/Oceanic/European overlap hours.

This activity was unheard of in the recent history of Planet Side.

Sometimes you would log into the game at these hours and not find a single other player.

I personally took to Twitter, Reddit, and other gaming communities to spread the news to as much as possible.

I’d like to thank Wrel, Hamma and Planet Side Universe, Reddit Side (/r/planetside), and everyone else who helped promote this event. The 13th Anniversary of Planet Side’s release is Friday, May 20, 2016.

This day will kick off another ‘Planet Side Event Weekend’ to celebrate the release of the game.

I personally hope to see even greater player milestones, and more old faces as well as new.