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Analysis of the UK’s defence strategy, and how well the requirements of action in Libya matches up with the current and future capabilities of the defence force. current Page=all Various nice parts to this Malcolm Gladwell review of a book contrasting Helena Rubinstein and Eugéne Schueller (founder of L’Oréal)—their different styles of entrepreneurship, Schueller’s collaboration with the Nazis (for which Gladwell more or less gives him a pass), a comparison to Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Ikea.

Internet/Contact Us/Low Flying How to complain to the Ministry of Defence if you’ being bothered by low flying aircraft.

Captivating video of street dance moves set to Girl Talk’s album “All Day.” (Backstory from the .) Some excellent UI thoughts on the “Quit” menu item—the usability problems it causes, and how they can be fixed.

regular people can get out of Fashion Week runway shots: “Fendi, for example, was really about fantastic color combinations.

Even if you didn’t like the clothes you can focus on the color schemes.

The Lomography folks have created a “digitizer” for their Lomo Kino product that uses an i Phone’s camera.

So to get your movie on the web you need to: (a) use a Lomo Kino camera to shoot 144 frames on a roll of 35mm film (done in less than a minute? ); (c) load the film into Lomo Kino Smart Phone Holder and use your i Phone’s camera to record the movie as you animate it via a hand crank.

So many insane steps to this: (1) Dude commissions two 8x10 inch digital capture backs that (2) together cost as much as a house so that (3) he can preview what’s going to happen when he takes the shot for real on (4) 8x10 Polaroid film.

(He’s especially keen to be able to preview because Polaroid aren’t making the film anymore.) Further, because it’s custom kit, it (5) only does 10M pixels!

“Designy temporary tattoos.” “Many people are blessed with beauty. But very few can work both sides of the runway.” When_to_use_the_PD-Art_tag Wikipedia’s reckon that digital copies of works of art can be used on Wikipedia (or anywhere else) provided the copyright on the original work has expired. you can copy an image from a gallery’s website, and use it on your own. (Interesting, and provides some insight into Chinese values and attitudes.)

p=2792 Urban exploration: report on a journey through the tunnels of the abandoned Royal Mail railway that runs for 6 miles underneath London.

Really interesting visualisations of some sex and self-image data, collected by the dating website Ok Cupid.

of Chris Christie, the entertaining and savvy Republican governor of New Jersey.