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Every user also has the option to not let other users message them through the map, or not appear on the map at all if they don't want to. Greenlight has been entirely self funded to this point, but I have some meetings set up with potential investors, so hopefully that won't be the case for much longer. Secure investors, hire an Internet advertising firm to begin a marketing campaign, and begin coding for additional features for when we eventually monetize.and focused on buying appropriate keywords on Google Ad Words for a dating website.

This platform was the first iteration of the company’s current turnkey dating software.

In November 2012, Channel 4 News revealed that the company had created a team of employees whose job was to create fake accounts for its network of websites, in order to send large amounts of flirtatious messages to genuine users.

Former employees revealed that their job, the details of which they were not permitted to discuss with anybody outside the organisation, was to search the profiles of genuine members from around the world, select the most attractive photographs, and create artificial profiles, known as "pseudos".

OPW INTERVIEW - Sep 16 - Green Light, a brand new dating app, has just launched in San Francisco.

Green Light works pretty much like Tinder with a few interesting features including a map that allows users to see which locations have the most singles in real time, their relationship status, and how attractive they are. Currently working on my MS in Predictive Analytics in North Western's online program.

We have interviewed Green Light founder Tommy Wolf. I worked as a clerk for a law firm right out of college and I'm currently a Data Analyst for a real estate brokerage. I wanted to work for myself, and I've been active in the online dating scene ever since graduating college.I thought by handpicking my favorite features from different dating apps, along with adding some features I wished they had, I could make a better dating app than any other that currently exists.So it seemed like a good route to take for beginning my entrepreneurial career. Greenlight has all the same basic functionality of typical dating apps, (swipe matching, messaging, profile visitors, etc), but additionally we display the locations of groups of singles that meet each user's specifications.We employ a proprietary profile rating algorithm that shows the average attractiveness of people in those groups from 1-10. Each user is displayed as a green, yellow, or red bulb, (depending on their relationship status) on the map.We also allow each user to specify their relationship status on their profile and on the map as green (single), yellow (it's complicated), or red (taken) to give users an additional search filter. The "Profiles" tab at the bottom will display a list of profiles for each bulb, but the list will not be displayed if there are 5 or fewer bulbs displayed on the map.Lastly, we don't offer any premium memberships. The purpose of Greenlight is to let users see where they should go based on where groups are, not individuals.