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They’re more likely to want casual (short-term) sex, to be sexually coercive, and to invest greater effort (e.g., time, money) into attracting sexual partners.

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So their solution is to avoid sexual experiences, deemphasize the importance of sex, and turn away from people/stimuli that turn them on.Unfortunately, this tendency means that these folks are denying themselves sexual pleasure. These folks are less likely to want casual sex and spend much less effort attracting partners.They’re also less likely to talk about sex with someone they’re dating..” Basically, this is the system that your mind constructs so that you can navigate sexual feelings, attitudes, and experiences.The overall result of the study was that 2 new personality variables emerged, which can help explain how the sexual behavioral system operates.

Most people view sex as a fun and pleasurable experience, and good sex is something that they strive for.

However, people can also have anxieties or aversive feelings toward sex (based on societal pressures, bad experiences, etc.) that interfere with healthy sexual functioning.

For example, some people display “” of their sexual system, meaning that they maintain an extremely intense desire for sex in order to deal with performance anxiety and fear of being rejected by others, among other concerns.

The tendency to be sexually “hyperactive” is captured with survey items like, “” These folks are worried that they aren’t sexy, and they overemphasize the importance of sex to maintain social bonds with others.

So their solution (stemming from their insecurities) is to pursue sex with deep urgency, perhaps in a way that is impulsive or intrusive, and without consideration of a partner’s needs.

People who show high levels of hyperactivation also report fantasizing more about sex, including fantasies about “detached” (unemotional) sex and control (dominance).