Personal dating questions answered

NOTE: The questions below were submitted to Doug and Tracy Kelley's Perfect Relationships website (no longer available).

They are available here as a further resource for making difficult decisions regarding an alcoholic relationship.

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We met again over a year ago while both going through a divorce.Both of us had already filed prior to this meeting.My divorce was over in a few months but his took longer - 15 months.His ex wife is addicted to methadone, alcohol, and also takes valium, and did crack and cocaine. The divorce took as long as it did as she was able to get it adjourned due to her condition.In their divorce they both kept the joint asset of their home for at least one year.

She is on probation for drinking and driving and drug charges.She is also in need of a surgical repair to rebuild her colon since drug use caused her to have medical problems.She avoids this colon surgery yet just had a face lift.My boyfriend stays over night here about 3 nights each week.The other nights he stays at his moms or his ex wife's house - which they still both own together.I fear he is not able to let go of her and that perhaps I am wasting my time or that maybe something is wrong with me for 'not letting go of him' when he obviously can't let go of her. He met her in AA but she was court ordered to go at that time while he was there of free will. This is her 5th relapse and it has lasted for 5 years now.