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A double-breasted blazer I am a big fan of the double-breasted blazer and it should take pride of place in any man’s wardrobe.

It’s not only worth investing in one because of its flattering fit, but it’s also timelessly stylish. The desert boot When it comes to the desert boot, no one does it better than the brand credited with skyrocketing its popularity – Clark’s.

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But that doesn’t mean you have to break out a mac-in-a-pac when it’s bucketing down.

This option from Swedish label Stutterheim ensures that even on stormy days, you’re style cred remains intact.

A weekend bag There’s no point having a tightly edited wardrobe if you’re going to throw your carefully-selected garments into any old hold-all.

Robertson is an orthopaedic trained hand surgeon from New Orleans, Louisiana.

She specializes in the treatment of carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve and tendon disease from injury or repetitive use, as well as arthritis and fracture care.

"I am excited to be in El Paso and I am ready to assist you and your family!

Jeans I’m stating the obvious here – every man needs a good pair of jeans.

But what you have to remember is that it's all about the fit.

Say no to bootcut and flares and wave goodbye to spray-on skinny. brogues combine a classic style with modern design details.

These, from Italian label Isaia, are the perfect answer. A grey suit Personally, I think a grey suit is the most versatile thing a man can have in his wardrobe.

The perfect white shirt Whether you’re wearing it under a three-piece suit or rolling the sleeves up and pairing it with jeans, the classic white shirt will be your best friend. A good shoe Your footwear choice can make or break an outfit, so it’s wise to spend some time and money sourcing the ideal option. It not only stands out in a sea of samey black suits, but it looks really good when worn as separates as well.