Original dating game host

Hosted by Wendy Williams, the show premiered on April 11, 2011 and aired its final episode on August 28, 2011.The series focuses on a single dater who is involved in a romantic relationship with two different people.

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The episode begins by discussing secrets of each of the suitors' past.

The suitors then take a personality test to see how compatible they are with the dater, especially in the subjects of lifestyle, money, and sex.

The dater then asks the suitors questions which they must answer while hooked up to a lie detector, nicknamed the "Trustbuster".

The dater is shown what the future will hold with each of the suitors, including their financial situation and what their child might look like, before deciding who to keep and who to let go.

The dater and the suitor who was chosen win a vacation as a grand prize.

Kelly Goode, former Senior Vice President of Programming for GSN, cited the success of the network's other dating and relationship shows Baggage and The Newlywed Game as promising signs for Love Triangle to succeed.The show premiered on April 11 along with Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza.Neither show, however, was renewed for a second season.Love Triangle aired its final episode on August 28, 2011.Reruns of Love Triangle currently air on Life Style You in Australia.GSN aired reruns at various times until January 10, 2015, when it was replaced on the schedule by Deal or No Deal.