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For couples focused on making some positive changes to their relationship in 2012, Valentine’s Day is a great place to start.

While most of us are full of good intentions, knowing how to plug the spark back into a long-term relationship isn’t always obvious.

Dr Lori will be online and on-hand for 1 hour to offer up answers, tips, and advice that’ll see you through Valentine’s and beyond.

Simply log on to 8pm on February 15, and join in the session for free!

Notes to editors Dr Lori Boul is the author of DIY Sex & Relationship Therapy: An effective self-help programme for couples wishing to improve their relationships.

is a FREE online relationship support service developed by One Plus One, the UK’s leading relationship research charity.

Acknowledging the barriers people feel when accessing relationship support, both financial and emotional, One Plus One developed a do-it-yourself approach to improving relationships and launched – an innovative web service which has attracted over 700,000 users since August 2008.

The service offers practical advice on relationship issues relating to money worries, including help with budget planning, strategies for arguing better, and tips for minimising the impact of financial pressures on children.For more information, tips, expert quotes, or case studies, please contact One Plus One’s Media and Information Officer Martiena van der Meer on 02/ 07837 013 970 or [email protected] rule with sexting is that if you don't want everyone to see photos of you, don't send them to anyone.This is good advice, but it's also an "abstinence only" approach.If you decide to go through with it, there are ways to protect yourself.Before we say anything else on the subject: we don't generally recommend sending saucy pics over the internet.