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Olivia has thought at length about this, and I’m grateful to her for sharing her perspective on that question, and others.

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The interview went long, so we’re going to post it in two parts. He puts out a lot of publicity claiming that this site has nothing to do with prostitution.Here’s part 1: Clarisse Thorn: Hey Olivia, thanks so much for being willing to talk about this incredibly complicated topic. At first I thought that he was trying to evade legal consequences, but I think he actually probably believes that.The site has a blog that he controls, and you can look at it to get a sense of what he’s thinking.Sex work is a controversial and polarized topic, and there are many perspectives on it.My position is complex—but for me, when it comes to how we actually interact with sex workers, one important factor is whether or not they consent to and enjoy their jobs.

I am absolutely in favor of giving better options to sex workers who do not enjoy their jobs, and I am horrified by the idea of a person being trafficked or coerced into sex that they don’t want to have.

But I also know people who have sex for money 100% voluntarily, and I do not want to deny their experience.

My friend Olivia, a 25-year-old graduate student, recently started advertising her services on a “Sugar Baby” site called Seeking

I think it’s important for more people to understand these kinds of experiences, so I asked to interview her.

Many people have pointed out that once a person starts thinking about the definition of “prostitute,” it’s a bit difficult to define what exactly a prostitute is.

Some of my sex worker friends have asked the question: What exactly is the difference between a person whose partner buys her a fancy dinner after which they have sex, and a person whose partner buys sex with money?