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ODATING you can find a variety of unique features you won't be able to find anywhere else that helps your profile to get exposure - and it's all for free in! ***ODATING is A location based social network that able you see on REAL-TIME the exact distance from other members at anytime, anywhere up to 10 meters! you decide if you want to share your location and meet the people around you.

You can also exchange messages, send photos and chat with people nearby, invite them to meet up and maybe meet that someone special, If you don’t like to share your location, no problem ODATING allows you to change your personal settings where you can decide exactly who can view you **Speed Dating*****Meeting Vegetarians and Vegans ODATING is the first dating application that allows vegetarians and vegans to find the people who are right for them.

A lot of vegans and vegetarians prefer dating people that have the same eating habits, this is why we added a vegan/vegetarian option to the search filters so that they can also enjoy the application and meet someone who is just right for them.**Match by Personality characteristics***This original, interesting and unique feature allows you to find the best matches for you based on personality characteristics so that you could start dating smarter.

The question can be based on personal preferences, outlook on life and even some humor.

For example you can post a question like "what is the ultimate date in your opinion? If the man/woman answers 5 questions correctly based on your answers, a chat window opens for both of you so you can talk.

This gives you a great start for your relationship.

You, like me, always wanted to to this, but were afraid of. I sacrificed my S5 and scanned it's guts for you and me to enjoy. But do not try to disassemble your S5 yourself unless you feel yourself an experienced specialist - you can easely damage your fragile beast.

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The contents of this site can not be published in any way or used for profit without permission from the author, but can be used free for private needs.**Languages: English German ODATING- the most advance and free dating app Odating is the most advanced, user-friendly, location-based and free dating application you can find!In order to be able to meet men and women from around the world in the most efficient and simple way, we at Odating developed a mobile application that is completely free with an emphasis on ease-of-use and a variety of the most advanced features to help you fulfil your wishes , There are so many options available in the dating world, whether they're websites or applications, it doesn't matter. What happens after you sign up to a dating service?How many times have you visited a dating website or application and no one sees your profile? We focused on a very problematic issue which nearly everyone who visits dating websites or applications encounters.People who sign up get lost in huge databases and it's hard for a man or woman to get their profile any exposure.Unlike other application we took the profile exposure issue seriously and believed that there had to be a better and effective way for people to introduce themselves.