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I don't know but I seen Asian women in NYC be more open minded and go out with guys of other races that aren't White.

I would say outside their race it'll be White men then Black guys. i would say most of them don't date non-asians, and some of them do.

I know it sounds crazy but I really have seen a great increase of Asian women with Black guys. however - most, if not all, find guys who have an "asian-fetish" very creepy.

Why not just go to places where you may meet people with similar interests? so if you are looking to date asians just because you have an "asian fetish" - you better not show it.You may just find yourself a white, black, hispanic, jewish, german, polish, or russian woman you like. they don't want to be liked just because they're asian - and that's really easy to tell when you are the only non-asian guy in a room full of asians goggling at all the asian girls.Hee Ha, re: first question, one can meet singe women of all nationalities throughout NYC.There are significant Asian populations in Queens and Brooklyn, e.g., in Flushing, Sunset Park, etc.They attend colleges, go to work, visit bars, restaurants, clubs, do things that all New Yorkers do. Re: second question, I suspect that there is no universal consensus among Asian women about "white men" as your post suggests.