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The following is a Paltalk private chat I had in the last few days.

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They are basically someone stating their beliefs of what does "not" work.

These type of limiting thoughts hinder your trading path.

I understand that this is their truth-fact and they believe it serves them to maintain there beliefs.

My truth is that there is something in there past that their truth serves and protects.

When I asked the chatter if they would prefer to feel different, they answered yes. If you had a magic wand and could create your reality and perceptions what would you chose?

This website and NQoos yahoo group does and will continue to address methods to create that "magic wand" allowing you to create a more prosperous trading experience and life. Also in a current post I made on Median Line group which speaks to what I see the above Paltalk chatter should consider more to allow them to increase their profitability."That trader has great intuition' is a statement that talks to the point that cumulative quality screen time teaches one subconscious to recognize these situations yet the trader may not be able to consciously explain all the reasons for their trading actions. This some is what others may key on and then create rules which then may be lacking in results to that of the intuitive trader.When you get that "feeling" to go long and are unable to find the reasons why, trust your intuition. Later spend time looking for what you subconscious sees and is telling your body to react to. The marriage of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.You may experience this as a twitch, a feeling in your stomach, a vision of someone from the past, almost anything.Clyde can devise tools to find all the triggers for a set of rules yet often there is a certain rule missing.That missing rule or rules is the one that allows the intuitive trader to do the additional filtering of trade and exit selection producing more profitable results.