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This toxic, incestuous back-and-forth has gone on long enough, people.

From the moment Callie and Brandon became foster siblings, they have been SIBLINGS.

And I certainly cannot abide them running into each other with their new significant others, then making everyone feel awkward because their feelings are showing.

I thought Brandon and Callie being in healthy relationships meant we were past all of this.

Okay, I'll admit it: I couldn't care less about Brandon and Cortney.

That relationship is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

I've never felt more strongly about this than when Cortney equated the weirdness of Brandon being in love with his sister to her still living with her ex. Callie is finally in a good place emotionally, and their shared foster-care system experience means AJ understands Callie in a way that Brandon never can. He loves his grandmother, he understands calculus, and he respects her decision when she tells him she doesn't want to have sex yet. Please do not break his heart, Callie Adams Foster. Callie does have a redeeming moment to offset the Brandon of it all, which involves Jude, of course.

She also calls Brandon mature, and I know she spends most of her time with a toddler, but come on, sister. He's been gone for the past few episodes, and I've missed me some Callie-Jude time.

In "Sixteen," he experiences a teenage right of passage: Dude gets his first dick pic! A., and as Jesus points out after he mistakenly picks up Jude's phone, well, Connor's excited about his visit.

Understandably, Jude assumes that sending a photo of one's genitalia to one's boyfriend can only mean their relationship is moving to the next level. He asks Jesus for sex advice, and, God love him, Jesus tells Jude he should watch internet porn.

For some totally unknown reason, watching does not assuage any of Jude's fears, so he cancels his trip.

Later, when Jesus fills Callie in on the advice he doled out, Callie wisely decides to have a chat with Jude.

She doesn't want to embarrass her brother, so she pretends she's seeking out Jude's advice on a situation of her own.