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Two years ago, when they were at school together, she was tired of his proposals go for a walk together. First impulse was to get away from these places for good, but then he began to hatch a plan of revenge: he wanted to catch her at night and rape. And everything was ready, but last week it was discovered dead at home.

In response, she laughed at him and laughed at him, not only in school, but residents of the entire village.

And she said: “And now the very education, Mika let her go! Mika took her hands, Anya straightened s pulled down her skirt.

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What constitutes "erotica" is down to the individual, some guys get their jollies from feet, or ankles, some guys like bare midriffs, so the easiest, and safest way to keep the rule consistant is to ban any and all images of under 18's.

As the uploader you are responsible for the content you post, we are not ogres, and will not ban or even warn you if you post images of 16 or 17 year old actresses who are fully clothed, but common sense dictates that if you do it too many times after we have given some friendly advice you'll eventually get your knuckles rapped.

This thread was set up with the idea of alerting members about well known actresses who appeared nude in films made before they turned 18 so as to tell them not to post those movies however it seems to be turning into a potential shopping list which was not the original intent so it will be closed.

We have placed notes at the start of many celebs own threads advising of these issues and we will use that process from now on. If you have any information on any celeb then you can send a PM to any of the relevant section mods.