New york dating floods cause havoc across europe

Tired of large beer trucks driving through its medieval streets, the town of Bruges, Belgium has installed a beer pipeline to transport almost 900 gallons of beer an hour from the brewery to a bottling plant outside of town. 15) The largest cruise ship ever to traverse the Northwest Passage is on its way from Alaska to New York, made possible by melting ice in the Arctic.

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Temperature Data Is Manipulated JUNE 17 'It Was Like God Dragged 2 Fingernails Across the Land': Terrifying 200mph Twister Duo Levels Nebraska Town Killing 2, Leaving 16 People Critical Rare and Deadly: Twin Tornadoes Rip Through Nebraska Swarm of Earthquakes in Alaska Puzzles Scientists Indiana Taking Part In 8-State Earthquake Drill Earthquake Insurance Becomes Boom Industry In Oklahoma 2 Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma OKC Residents Clean Up After 4.2 Quake New Mexico Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Navajo Communities UK: After Wettest Winter, Now We're Facing Massive Drought Europe's Most Active Volcano, Mount Etna, Erupts Alaska Volcano Observatory Is Having Busiest Volcano Season To Date Supersonic Tumbleweeds, Human 'Bullets' and Winds Faster Than an Atomic Explosion: Video Reveals What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Turning MAY 20 Wild Wyoming Cloud Wows Weatherwatchers Huge Sinkhole Opens at Tenn.

Helens 300 Earthquakes in TX County Since December – HOLLY NOTE: It matters little to victims if a destructive quake were fracking-induced or due to seismic stress.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Buildings, Caves Roofs in Mexico City MAY 6 Oklahoma Temblors Skyrocket: Average: . When looking at this map, this is something to consider.

Last 6-1/2 Months: 183 — After Record Number of Earthquakes, Concerns That a Damaging Quake Is Coming Yellowstone Volcano Conspiracy: Eruption's Coming and Feds Know …Australia Agreed to House Casualties Experts: 100 Dead, 1000s of Walking Wounded, and No House Safe If a 5.5 Earthquake Hit Brisbane Dioxide Measured at Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano Reaches Worrying New Levels Our Wacky Weather Is Nothing Compared with the Havoc Created By a 19th-Century Volcano MAY 5 Rare Earthquake Warning Issued for Oklahoma – HOLLY NOTE: This morning was weird. Blue quakes listed as "past week" are anything over 60 minutes old this very day.

When I opened the doors to let in the cool Colorado morning, sweet air, it wasn't even yet light. Red quakes are anything within the last 60 minutes.

Normally birds are singing for a mate by 5a.m., checking for worms and gathering twigs and debris for nest building. Even 1 minute longer and they roll over into the 'week (blue)' category. Any temblor even 1 minute past 7 days, rolls over into the 6 months listing.

This morning was so eerily quiet that I nearly woke Stan. While this is a decent map to get a handle on current activity, how really recent they are is a bit deceiving. Wild Weather on the Rise – HOLLY NOTE: While we can argue the merits of the Sun, man or just natural cycles affecting climate, it's hard to ignore that extreme weather events are increasing. Helens Volcano: USGS APR 16 Hundreds of Earthquakes Strike Central Idaho, Rattling Nerves Detroit Snow Breaks Records, Topples Power Lines, Creates Flooding Risk Landslide Destroys Cottages in Quebec Flood Waters Expected to Rise as More Rain Coming to Ottowa Air Pollution in Asia Impacting Global Weather Patterns Tropical Cyclone Ita Shatters Some Hopes and Homes in Queensland APR 15 Nicaragua Quakes Spur Fears of Big One Helicopters, Planes, Firefighters Struggle to Contain Chile Wildfires That Have Killed 15, Devastated 2,000 Homes and Left 8,000 Homeless Strong 6.9 Earthquake in the South Atlantic Ocean Detroit Snow Record Falls: 133-Year-Old Mark Broken By Unusually Snowy Season Severe Weather Blasts Southern Mississippi, Ransacks Trailer Park Winter Weather Makes Encore, Sets Records WWI Soldier's Grave Restored That Was Swallowed By Sinkhole Cyclone Ita's Damage to Queensland Sugar Cane to Cost Millions Minnesota Town Home to Sinkhole Capital of the U. APR 14 Record Cold to Replace Warm Stretch Across East Deadly Fires in Chile Kill 8, Leave 3,000 People Homeless Ubinas Volcano Erupts, Emergency Evacuations May Be Ordered Nicaragua Quake Killed 1, Injured 200, Destroyed/Destroyed Over 300 Homes Afghan Quake Leaves at Least 4 Dead 7.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Solomon Islands, Second Big One in Hours 7.6 Temblor Strike Near Solomons, Triggered Large Waves Another Quakes Shakes Idaho – This is after a 5.1 struck this state a couple days ago Yellowstone Volcano: Next Earthquake to Set Off a Volcanic Eruption?

Never in the nearly 2 decades of following seismic activity have we ever witnessed anything like this. Yellowstone Magma Bigger than Scientists Thought Dangerous Earthquake Zones in America Wyoming Mudslide: Rain, Snow Could Trigger Slide APR 11 Disaster Declared in Cooktown as Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita Threatens to ‘Wipe Out’ Town Over 100 Earthquakes Reported in Last 2 Weeks in Washington, Oregon Los Angeles Quake Raises Fears of the Big One Earthquake Near Challis Biggest in Idaho Since 2005 7.3 Powerful Earthquake Hits Near Papua New Guinea 6.1 Earthquake and 5.1 Aftershock Shake Nicaragua's Western Coast 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile Active Earthquake Movements in the Ring of Fire 4.1 Quake Shakes Oklahoma Thursday Tsunami Awareness Month, and Chilean Earthquakes “Take Every Earthquake as a Drill,” Warns Caltech’s Dr.

Kate Hutton 'Shakeout' Earthquake Drill Planned For April 17 New Surge in Activity, Strombolian Explosions at Tungurahua Volcano Congo's Nyamulagira Volcano to Erupt Soon Mystery Remains Over Why Queensland's Condamine River Is Bubbling The Church of Climatology: From the U. to the UK to the Vatican, Global Warming Now Literally Part of Religion APR 10 Mysterious Rumbling Along Coast Wasn't Earthquake, Experts Say Washington Mudslide Update: Death Toll Increases to 36 Is There More Than One Tornado Alley in the US?

Severe Tropical Cyclone Ita Upgraded to Cat 5: Emergency Groups Kick into Gear: Hospitals Evacuated 199 Years Ago... Volcanic Island Gulps Another Near Japan ODOT Concerned About Earthquakes' Effect On Oklahoma Bridges Lightning Kills More Than 60 Cows in Chile Mobile Home Destroyed After Being Thrown 20 Feet in the Air By Tornado While the Family Was Still Inside Mississippi Tornado Confirmed: 8 Injured in Covington County; Girl's Body Discovered Flooding in the South Swamps Birmingham, Atlanta; Child Found Dead in Mississippi, 1 Dead in Georgia Death Toll in Washington Mudslide Rises to 33 Solomon Islands Flash Floods Kill at Least 19 People, 40 People Still Missing Flood-ravaged Solomon Islands Survivors Now Contending With Disease 78% of USA Below Normal Temps Since October Larry Taylor Blog APR 7 4.0 Earthquake Felt in Oklahoma Sunday Morning Record Quake Activity Rocks Oklahoma Essential Services Being Re-Established in Chile After Earthquake More Aftershocks Hits Western Australia – Country Overdue for the Big One 3.1 Shakes New Madrid Area of NW Tennessee Ecuador Volcano Spews 6-Mile Ash Column Hot Mantle Drives Elevation, Volcanism Along Mid-Ocean Ridges Experts Say Buffalo Stampede Did Not Predict Earthquake Earthquakes, Mudslides Can Happen Anywhere So Prepare Severe Weather: Tornado Damages Homes in Southern Mississippi, More Severe Weather, Flash Flooding Possible Monday No All-Clear After Chile Earthquakes Washington Monument to Reopen Following 2011 Earthquake If This Terrifying Report Doesn't Wake You Up to the Realities of What We're Doing to This Planet, What Will?

The Largest Eruption in Known History and the "Year Without a Summer" A Hitherto Unknown Supervolcano About to Erupt? APR 9 Volcanoes All Over the Ring of Fire Are Erupting Right Now – Is the U. U-Yen Speech, Earthquake Watch Scientists Hysterical With Doomed-Earth Forecast APR 4 Severe Weather North Texas: Tornadoes Spotted, Damage, Injuries Reported Damaging Storms to Strike Cleveland to Atlanta Friday Louisiana's Bayou Corne Sinkhole Eats Well Pad. UK Chokes on Toxic Smog as Pollution and Saharan Dust Cloud Cloaks Britain APR 3 Severe Weather Outbreak Threatens Plains, Southeast; Tornado Confirmed in St.