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It would be safe to speculate him single because we haven't heard any verifiable girlfriend or wife rumors on him till now.

Furthermore, we don't think he is a gay as well, as he has never said he is one.

It seems like he has adapted a low-key strategy when it comes to preserving details of his personal life.

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In that sense, he has been extremely successful in remaining out of controversies and allegations being a celeb.

Born on 21 August, 1969 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Nathan Jones became one of the most wanted men in just two years (1985-1987) when he was just a teen.

He then served for seven years in the infamous Boggo Road Gaol prison. Except being a recognized actor who is known for his on-screen action focused characters, he is former World Strongest Man, recognized mix-martial artist, former WWA star and former WWE star, Impressively, he has been successful to accumulate a huge net worth.

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Popular by the nicknames such as "the Australian mountain-man", "the Australian Mammoth-man", "the Colossus of Boggo Road", " the Megaman", "the big-screen big baddie" and "the Rictus Erectus", towering hunk Nathan Jones, who is now 46 years old as of 2015, won our heart this May by portraying the role of Rictus Erectus, a supporting antagonist who is imposing and strong but intellectually weak, in the fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise namely " Mad Max: Fury Road".

Now moving on to his body configuration, the Australian national of white ethnicity is a tall man with the height of 7 feet.

Moreover, the baldheaded man is a heavyweight with the weight of 320 lbs.

Simply, he has a dreamy physique and magnetic muscled body.

One can check out his shirtless pictures on the web, if you are a fan of the Bogarius.

Talking about his relationship status, he is probably single.