Naked web chat with voice

e Gain Chat™ enables you to offer real-time chat assistance to website visitors.Agents can exchange text messages, files, web pages, and knowledge base articles with visitors to answer their queries, proactively as well as reactively.

It offers endless sales and service opportunities when combined with companion products, e Gain Cobrowse™, a web collaboration solution, e Gain Offers™, a proactive offer management solution, and e Gain Virtual Assistant™, a virtual assistant (avatar) solution.e Gain’s chat and web collaboration solutions lead the industry in maturity, depth, and seamless integration with other interaction channels.For two brief years in the late 1960s, there existed on Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin a notorious squat often referred to as the Horror Commune.Kommune I was a Maoist microsect which aggressively promoted sexual promiscuity-as-liberation.Its members rejected such bourgeois norms as personal privacy — the bathrooms had no doors — and devoted themselves to organizing political protests and stunts.

It had been set up in March 1967 by Fritz Teufel; his notoreity began after he broke into the dean’s office at the Freie Universitat, took his cigars, toga and chain of office, then rode a bicycle through the corridors to the auditorium, where he allowed the cheering student body to appoint him the new dean.

His first official act was to sack all of the unpopular professors.

When the American Vice-President Humphrey visited Berlin in April 1967, eleven Kommunards tried to ‘assassinate’ him by attacking him with puddings, flour and yogurt; the absurd joke was lost on which called them the “eleven little Oswalds”.

Teufel was one of the eleven, and was soon arrested.

He soon became a celebrity, helped by his last name, which means “devil” in German.

During Teufel’s absence from Kommune 1, it circulated a self-portrait: seven nude young men and women splayed against a wall, displayed with the headline: in June 1967.