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They responded to the appropriate criticisms of the media, fans and football peers by waging a public-relations war through social media. How’s it working for Manziel, another millennial QB fixated on social media? She’s no different from the black Tennessee Titans linebackers who challenged Newton during the regular season over his dance.

And now that Von Miller, De Marcus Ware and Wade Phillips exposed the Kryptonite that can shut down Super Cam, black NFL players and athletes-turned-broadcasters are more than comfortable expressing their true feelings about Cam’s dabbing and pouting. I still think he can be the football version of Magic Johnson, a joyous athlete who makes the game feel fun and accessible.

But if he chooses the bitter, victim route, he won’t reach his potential.

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They could swallow all the negative, polarizing energy surrounding them and use it as fuel against an individual opponent.A quarterback steps into the ring with 10 other teammates, 10 individuals with 10 different personalities and backgrounds. When he stayed in that Seattle playoff game with a bad knee that made him a liability, RG3 let his teammates know he thought he was more important than everyone else on the roster.What fuels Cam may not fuel the right guard from Iowa or the tight end from Mississippi or the wide receiver from California. That single act planted a virus that eventually undermined Griffin in Washington. As an assistant, he worked with some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, including John Elway. Newton enthusiastically obliged on Friday, posting a cheesy, Alex Rodriguez-ish pic and Dan Gilbert-ish message on IG. -1OVE#dont BEa PUPPET #stay TRÜtoÜ Seriously, this is Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert ranting in comic sans after Le Bron left Cleveland and Rodriguez coordinating the photo shoot. Social media and the bloggers/tweeters who live for social-media approval begged the MVP quarterback to choose polarization and permanent victimhood.

With his staged, “I will win my way,” Muhammad Ali-alluding Instagram post, Cam Newton joined Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel as prisoners of the false-narrative, identity-confused, social-media world.A picture of Ali over his right shoulder, Newton stared “thoughtfully” across his left shoulder with these words posted beneath him: This season has been an incredible journey and I want to thank PANTHERNAT1ON and all of the fans that i NSP1RED us to great achievements. Worse, this is Newton surrendering to the 100k-plus tweeters and their puppeteers.i AMnøt PERFËCT and I will make mistakes but I will continue to work on improving each day trying to PERFECTall MYim PERFECT1ON. Twitter is a fictional world where “Sharknado” trends and no one watches.Pursuing greatness is my commitment, and I will continue to be TRÜ to myself, to my FAM1LY and to making all of YOÜ who follow me PROUD! Twitter spent the second half of the NFL season trying to convince Newton that a letter to the editor complaining about his end-zone dancing was a subliminal message to white America to join the KKK. Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Chris Brown and Beyonce.Writers in love with Facebook likes and Twitter retweets and absolutely zero legitimate connection to sports culture argued that Cam’s dancing and first-down celebrations made him as unapologetically black as Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King rolled into one read-option quarterback. Social media loves black men dancing, shucking and jiving, and thinking those things make a black man unapologetically black. Cam Newton has fallen for the social-media okey-doke. RG3 and Kaepernick have already traveled this road.You know when social media falls in love with a black man who doesn’t dance? They crafted images, messages and pictures specifically designed to win over the identity-confused, volume tweeters and Instagram posters. The white mother in North Carolina who complained about Cam’s end-zone celebration isn’t racist.