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A look at 5 parts that could be making your car or truck thirsty Millions of drivers waste fuel needlessly every day, without even realizing it.

Whether by carrying around extra weight or running a vehicle thats in need of maintenance, bad fuel mileage often creeps up slowly swilling away your hard-earned money, and contributing to excessive emissions.

If you dont monitor your vehicles fuel consumption regularly, increased fuel consumption can be even harder to detect.

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If youre not sure, heres a look at four parts that can be easily replaced and one that should be removed when not in use, as a starting point, to help ensure your car, SUV or pickup isnt drinking more than its fair share of fuel.

There's more to an inexpensive car than an inexpensive price We can name plenty of vehicles that can be bought for a song but have running costs that will drive you to the poorhouse.

When looking for inexpensive wheels, you have to consider repair costs, insurance costs, fuel costs, and resale value.

Let's take a look at some vehicles that can be purchased and driven without breaking the bank.

Today's new cars are better equipped than ever, with convenience, connectivity, and safety features that keep drivers safe on the road.

Nonetheless, smart drivers know to hit the road prepared, regardless of how long the journey.

Consider picking these nine items up and stashing them in your glove box or trunk.

They'll help you keep calm and carry on, no matter the situation.

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