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As a physician with over 10 years of private practice experience, Dr.

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After I left Raja Ampat I went back to the town of Sorong to see where I would head next.The plan was to head to the Baliem Valley but it was a complete cluster fuck.To get to the Baliem Valley I would first have to fly to Jayapura, get a visitor permit and book flight to the valley (you couldn’t book the flight in Sorong).The problem was the next open flight to Jayapura was 4 days away which would only leave me three days in the Baliem Valley IF I was able to book a flight in Jayapura for the next day. What to do what to do…I decided to take a walk and think about it.Since few foriengers hang around Sorong – most people spend an evening at most before heading out to Raja Ampat – you get a decent bit of attention when you go for a stroll.

On my walk I was stopped by a local guy we’ll call him Ronin (he was named after a different Irish saint, although he thought his name was French) He begged and pleaded to give me a tour of Sorong at one point saying it would be “like Jesus gave me a Christmas gift.” He was unrelenting and eventually I caved in and agreed to a tour the next day.

Ronin knocked on my door half an hour before our arranged time and said he had been waiting downstairs for an hour. So I hopped on the back of his motobike and we were off.

After looping through town and seeing the couple of things worth seeing (including his church) we headed out of the city of Sorong to see the regency of Sorong.

The don’t get a lot of tourists in Sorong so they certainly didn’t get a lot of tourists out in the country.

There were lots of double takes and people waving from shops as we made our way out of town.

He showed me where all the transplant Javans live and we discussed how Papuans want independence (he was half Paupuan) and how he didn’t like Javans moving to Sorong.