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By , Kaufman has said his first sentence, and the appearance is already a classic.In 1980, Andy Kaufman appeared on “The Dating Game” as a real contestant named Baji Kimran. One minute in Baji addresses the female in his “Foreign Man” voice with, “Hello Patrice”, and looks at the camera with an awkward smile, aggressive hair and amazing sideburns.The startled demeanor up of Baji cracks up the audience along with host Jim Lange.

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What is truly amazing about this video is the look of the other contestants. At , Baji learns he has not won, and is visibly shaken.

Host Jim Lange says, “We found him out on the street, and it was very nice of him to come in.” Thirty seconds later Baji is crying and reluctantly meets the woman.

After a pat on the shoulder the host Jim Lange says, “No, don’t do that.” Baji Kimran!

Andy Kaufman was a comedic genius who unfortunately left us too soon like so many of the greats.

His style was innovative, dangerous and incredibly bizarre, which made his appearances on late night television so unique.

You never knew what he would do, or who was in on the joke.In fact, there is probably an older group of people in the world who still don’t understand that the joke was on them. That’s the brilliance of Kaufman – one never knew if his jokes were planned, improvised or Kaufman being Kaufman.Regardless, the comedic timing of Kaufman was crafted over many years, and his wide variety of talents made him the ultimate entertainer.Hit or miss – Kaufman gave it a shot, and one can only learn from mistakes. By , Kaufman has still only uttered one word, and gives Letterman a look pure confusion.Thanks to You Tube, the world can now enjoy all the outrageous television antics of Andy Kaufman. Five seconds later Kaufman has a look of concern, possibly even fear, and ten seconds later his face has transitioned to a look of understanding, while he name is keyed over the screen.Within the first thirty seconds you know this is going to be a classic. By the end of the strange hilarious face routine, Kaufman is falling asleep as Letterman continues to jabber on about breakfast.