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Of course, the success of Pokémon Go is very much due to the popularity of the Pokémon franchise and its international fan base, which has been quietly cultivated since 1996.

Pokémon in itself is a brilliant and original idea.

With the official announcement of its 7th gen game in Pokémon Sun and Moon set to be released worldwide November 18, 2016 the Pokémon universe is continuing to grow.However, whilst the Pokémon media franchise may be seen as a cultural juggernaut, one must wonder why Pokémon Go generated such a buzz. As mentioned, the popularity and widespread grip on the masses’ imagination and nostalgia have a role in the success of Pokémon Go.Additionally, the premise of catching and collecting all of the available wild Pokémon species is a perfect one for the Niantic-produced game that requires players to actively walk around (and to the horror of some, go outside…).As Pokémon Go continues to send people chasing their dreams of becoming the next Pokémon master, let’s pause and reflect on the reasons for this game’s success and what it may potentially mean for the future of AR and VR.By now you would have heard of the Pokémon craze called ‘Pokémon GO’ - a smart phone augmented reality game that has surpassed the number of downloads of the mega dating app Tinder within just two days after its launch in the US.

Stories of its success and its widespread influence on the population can easily be measured by the surge of internet memes and News stories of people wandering off cliffs to catch a certain rare Pikachu.From a marketing perspective, to say Pokémon Go is ‘super-effective’ may be a slight understatement.However, one should not forget that Pokémon has always been a phenomenon.A similar, albeit tamer, Pokémania struck back in 2000 with the release of Pokémon cards where ‘several serious incidents of Pokémon crime’ occurred.The concerning criminal activity revolved around children stealing trading cards from one another in schools and even from high street shops.Clearly the need to ‘Catch ‘em all’ still persists today.