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You take the role of a new hero, while series protagonist Commander Shepard is relegated to the history books. The new Andromeda trailer doesn't feature any gameplay.Instead, there's a series of live-action looks at humanity's gradual exploration of outer space while a woman's voice speaks of humanity's...

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you save time, maximize space and can focus on the important things in your life.

Thread Stax is a closet organizing solution that folds and stacks shirts, Jeans, pants, and other garments in neat, impossible-to-disturb piles.

The system utilizing the power of magnets to keep your closet and drawers... I eat the crust first in open-world games, grinding my stats and finding overpowered weapons before taking on the main missions.

The crust of Fallout 4 is enjoyable, but I was ready for something more challenging, so I hiked east toward a side quest, something involving a man imprisoned atop a tower full of super mutants.

The door never opened I popped the heads of super mutants on the first floor like they were bubble wrap, then took an elevator to the middle of the tower, where I blasted the limbs off a few more...

know what that is, you easily could have missed this fresh look at the next chapter of Mass Effect.

We don't know much yet about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It moves the game's setting to the Andromeda galaxy and tells a story set long after the events of the original trilogy.