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You’ll see him taking it upon himself to protect her. I liked that one episode in the first season when he was on mushrooms with the girl.

As he says, “I like the moral clarity.” On to random questions. I’d like to see what kind of woman he’d be with if he wasn’t using her for leverage.

What’s up with Childs’s toupee in the most recent episode?

=)I'm SO sorry if this isn't allowed, I can delete it if need be. Name: Jess Age: 17Where you first saw Matt: Gilmore Girls at the beginning of this summer holiday (England hols)Community improvements? Hey, I'm a fan of Matt ever since I saw him (on GG) sit down at the desk in the Yale newsroom, acting like an old skool journalist, chatting animatedly into the phone to amuse Rory. Ok, I made a layout which I posted on my layout community.

His character, Cary Agos, successfully convicted a man for Murder I, negotiated a raise at the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, and squared off against Blake (Scott Porter), rival of his sometime BFF, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).

We met Czuchry at New York's Café Minerva last week, upon his return from the SAG Awards, where co-star Julianna Margulies (a.k.a.

Alicia Florrick) had won for Best Actress in a TV drama. They’re certainly not friends, but I think he’s become real focused when he’s around her on just doing a good job and being a good lawyer.Tennessee-raised, he was unfailingly polite, even rearranging his silverware neatly as he got up from the table. Winning that competition [for the associate position at Lockhart Gardner] was the biggest moment of his life, and Alicia undercut him by using her name. He’s gone from this giant firm to the SA’s office where he probably gets his own coffee. Then why did he ask Diane twice for Alicia’s salary and a position above her? When I was in kindergarten, it took me like three months to learn how to spell my own name.So at the beginning of the second season, it is very personal for him against Alicia. He loves his job at the SA’s office, so he’s negotiating from a position of strength. Initially that friendship was a way to bridge the SA office with Lockhart Gardner. But that’s also not saying much considering I’m a terrible speller.I think him asking for so much shows that revenge isn’t important anymore; if he were so invested in trying to get Alicia back, he would have taken the job. But in episode three of the second season, there’s this moment where Cary says, “Do you miss me? ” That could have been cocksure Cary, but I felt like maybe he did feel very alone going to a new job by himself. No, no … I’m grateful that on a lot of casts I’ve gained friends for life. I have a small group of friends, and I just, uh, feel fulfilled by the people that are in my life. The main thing is that the “C” is silent, so it kind of starts with a “Z.” Z-O-O-K-RIE. So I made it a moment of genuine want, and the writers, thankfully, liked that choice. What will happen to their friendship now that the state attorney’s office is investigating Kalinda?