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Symptoms include: ~ Being uncomfortable delaying reading or answering a text ~ Feeling distressed or uneasy without your phone ~ Interrupting what you’re doing to look at your phone ~ Being uncomfortable reducing use of your phone ~ Enjoying interacting with the phone more than being present in the moment with the people around you In There’s no sign we’re slowing down.The same article goes on to say that on average a college student sends and receives 109.5 texts every day.In addition, a college student checks the cell phone an additional 60 times. In a study conducted where parents were watched eating with their children at a fast food restaurant, one-third of the parents continuously were glued to their devices. Those involved with their devices tended to negatively interact and harshly scold their children.

Another mom ignored her child as he tried to lift her head with his little hand to gain her attention.

Some parents are allowing connecting with others to negatively alter their parent-child bond and their child’s social emotional development. It’s obvious from the articles above that the situation is so widespread that we all know one or more people who have a problem separating themselves from their device.

This stuff is really happening, folks, and we need to be diligent that we don’t turn “Just this one time — this call is important” into our norm. So what can you do when they pay attention to their cell phone instead of you, and how can you safeguard yourself and those you love from becoming “that” person? In your home, establish rules for device usage even (and especially) if this means that as the parent you’ll be the first one changing your ways.

By: Maralee Mc Kee, Manners Mentor The awkward first-date nerves of the couple on the reality TV show were apparent.

Their conversation was slow as they thought hard of the next thing to say. The man sheepishly complimented his date on her dress.

She refuted his compliment with some form of “This old thing! She sat there trying not to overhear the one-sided conversation (with another woman) of the man just 18 inches from her. “It’s the right thing to do” kept echoing through my mind.

” It was hard to watch, and I was about to turn the channel when the man’s cell phone beside him on the table began to vibrate. How could they both be confused about something so simple?

After a moment, his ringtone of Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s began loudly as he fumbled to turn off the phone. They thought the exact thing to do.” Welcome to the second decade of the 21st Century, where the two reality TV stars aren’t alone in their misunderstanding of the hierarchy of cell phones and people with us in person.

Let’s admit there’s a problem with the amount of attention some people give their phones.

(That’s the first step in fixing it.) Next, I’ll share five manners for what you can do and say when someone ignores you for the person or (worse yet) the text or app on their phone. The longer they stand there, the more likely it is that they’re going to fall.

Are some people addicted to their cell phones in the same way others are addicted to drugs or alcohol? In this article from the , the case is made that, while not an addiction, it’s a distraction that often prevents the person from being present in the moment.