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State ignores mandate that game is common-use resource Originally published in the ADN, January 17, 2012 Submitted by George Matz, Fritz Creek Excerpts: "During Palin/Parnell's era, ADF&G has, with its abundance-based ideology (game ranching), become a socialistic entitlement agency seeking to put moose/caribou in every freezer--regardless of conservation principles or hunting ethics.

Making matters worse, the Board of Game is aggressively trying to privatize Alaska's wildlife resources by passing regulations favoring commercial hunting and services (guides) for hunters who can afford expensive guided trips." "Speaking as an Alaska hunter and wildlife observer, ...(redacted).

Furthermore, as a hunter who prefers to use skills instead of motors, my opportunities to hunt are compromised by game board regulations favoring the industrial approach to hunting.

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How many Minnesota Tax Dollars are being spent for these television ads ?

The background is that .5 million dollars are being spent to purchase advertising on “Larry King Live” and “Fox and Friends” for six 15-second spots that will run in Minnesota, eight other states and Washington DC in a battle between Big Oil and Ethanol industries. In 2005, when, with gasoline prices ratcheting higher, Congress wrote into its big energy bill a renewable fuel standard, an unprecedented mandate requiring refiners to double the amount of ethanol they blend into the nation’s gasoline by 2012. ethanol tax breaks— at 51 cents per gallon—the government sent .5 billion in 2006 to the flush oil industry to blend ethanol it would have needed anyway. led by John “Pork-free” Kline (R-MN-02) who picked up Gil Gutknecht’s ball and authored HR 349 to mandate that “”. Kline with representatives of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association as he announced his legislation. stand up for responsible government spending that does not require mandates to reward your political cronies with tax breaks.

While these industries battle it out, what is a taxpayer to think ? Interestingly, The US News and World Reports also states : The Renewable Fuels Association have increased its lobbying spending 60 percent in the past seven years. Now, while Kline’s legislation never got enacted, Governor Tim Pawlenty was quite proud of his ethanol mandate …

The 10 largest ethanol producers and their trade groups have handed out .7 million in federal campaign contributions since 2000, says the Center for Responsive Politics. and the ethanol industry was quite pleased with Minnesota’s subsidy.

Even though Minnesota has significant budget problems, Governor Pawlenty has avoided touching Ethanol Subsidies. have been the targets, Pawlenty had let Ethanol Subsidies alone …

the impact fiscal 2009 budget was ,363,000; ,168,000 scheduled for 2010 and the additional ,168,0, and it goes on…

with ,790,000 still scheduled for fiscal 2012-2013.

However, in face of the current budget problems, Pawlenty has proposed a reduction in the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) program including a one-time decrease in ethanol producer payments (.931 million) … To encourage deepwater exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, a 1995 law offered generous incentives in the form of relief from royalties …

obviously, there is still plenty of taxpayer money that Pawlenty is satisfied with sending to the ethanol industry. the Government Accountability Office has estimated that lost royalties could run as high as billion over the next 25 years, depending on prices.

And if mandates and subsidies isn’t enough to get a taxpayer angry, think about taxes.

Did you know that Big Oil giant Exxon Mobil, which last year reported a record .2 billion profit, paid the most taxes of any corporation, but none of it went to the IRS.