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Beginning with nothing, each day of creation God created the next building block needed to make the rest of the universe.

On the first three days He created the containers needed to hold the systems.

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Science has a way of finding what might be truth in the physical universe. With every discovery made by one scientist, other scientists must be able to do the following: The fact is, evolution is based upon an interpretation of some observations.However, the quality of specimens observed are few and in poor condition and the evidence on which they base their conclusions are subject to many other interpretations.For example, the difference in skeleton size of related animals is taken as proof of evolution.However, the same evidence could be used to show that they are just relatives (like different types of cats) or that they are built according to the same design.Evolution requires millions of years for the theories to work.

Because they can make correct guesses about the unknown, such as the existence of objects in space, it is not proof that the theory of evolution works - it is proof that the physical laws of the universe are stable.

Creationism does not discount physical laws, in fact YHWH is a God of law and order.

Creation only disputes some of the meanings, theories and conclusions scientists place on what they observe especially when they try to extrapolate back to the past to say when and how the object was formed and how it behaved.

For example, if you go to a new planet one can expect to find a force called gravity because the planet has mass.

Confirming the existence of gravity does not prove how or when the planet was formed, it proves that the theory of gravity is reliable. Creationists and evolutionists believe different things about how the universe started. Creationists claim that the scientific method is not good enough.

It cannot measure the past accurately and it cannot measure some things that we cannot see.