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Romantic relationship between business people is always different than that of most other people.Aside from tender feelings and common interest, they usually have a joint business, which makes their union stronger and more meaningful.However, running your own company is a challenging and time-consuming task that requires great commitment and eats up all your free nights and weekends.

If this problem is familiar to you, take your chance at the Business Hearts dating website.

This UK-based dating service was created specially for business people wishing to meet a future spouse and a business partner.

The catalogue on the main page features both men and women of all age categories.

Registration is free of charge and can be performed via your Facebook account.

It allows you to view the catalogue and see the details of ladies’ profiles.

To start communicating with other members, though, you have to become a paid subscriber and choose one of the membership plans available.

Customers can change the type of their account at any moment and switch to lower fees by abandoning some of the advanced options accessible to paid subscribers.

All financial operations can be accomplished through any digital payment system of your choice, with an option to enable automatic billing.

After filling out the basic profile, you’ll get the opportunity to write letters to the ladies you like and chat with them via a built-in instant messenger.

There is also an option to create a short video introduction that will be available on your personal page.

As we know, 80% of information is perceived visually and live communication plays a crucial part in forming an opinion about another person.