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“The only reason that they are denying a rekindled flame this week is because Samantha is a very private person who does not like camera’s in her face 24/7,” said Siggy.

The 23-year-old actress recently shared about how Samantha Ronson was the only woman she had ever been attracted to, and that they may eventually get back together.

“If I wasn’t with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next.

As far as her childhood fame, she said that, “When you’re young in school, people think you’re bragging.

Lindsay Lohan sparked rumors last week when she was spotted out and about with ex Samantha Ronson in New York City.

Although a source close to the troubled actress denied reports of the former couple reconciling, many couldn’t help to wonder if Li Lo, 25, and Samantha, 34, still had feelings for each other.

Given their past tumultuous relationship, Celebuzz went to Siggy Flicker, matchmaker and star of VH1’s “One thing that both of these women can’t deny is that they are have chemistry,” Siggy told us.

“These two are in love and have been in crazy love with each other from the very start.

Samantha has been the rock that Lindsay has always leaned on and if Lindsay can get her act together — and really mean it this time — then these two can make it for the long haul.” She added, “The best relationship that Lindsay was ever in was with Samantha.

They both are claiming that they are not back together but don’t believe it for a second!

” However, don’t expect to see the two canoodling behind Sam’s DJ booth any time soon!

According to Siggy, Li Lo and her ex-gal pal, who dated on-and-off for two years before splitting in 2009, still have a lot to work on before becoming an item again.