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When actress Song Hye Kyo and actor Kang Dong Won were seen together in Paris, rumors began to spread that they were on a romantic holiday.

A photograph of the two actors posted online by a Chinese fan started gossip that the co-stars, who play a married couple in the upcoming film "Pit-A-Pat-My-Life," were also a real-life couple.

Not only did the actors play a married couple in that film but they were also lovers in the 2010 film "Love For Sale." And they are occasionally seen in public together. Also, rumors may have started because Song Hye Kyo has dated her co-stars before.

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She previously dated her "All In" co-star Lee Byung Hun and her "Worlds Within" co-star and onscreen boyfriend Hyun Bin.Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won have in the past stated they are just friends. When she and Hyun Bin dated, they refused to confirm that they were a couple until her agency released a statement when they broke up.After the photo of Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won in Paris surfaced online United Artist Agency decided to deny the rumor that the actors were dating."The two are in Paris for a photo shoot," said a United Artist Agency representative."Staff members are with them." And indeed they were photographed with other people.

The actors finished filming "Pit-A-Pat-My-Life," which will be released later this year and are engaged in post-production publicity projects."Pit-A-Pat-My-Life," also known as "My Palpitating Heart" stars the actors as a couple that fell in love and had a child while they were still teenagers.Their child is born with the serious condition, Progeria, which causes premature aging and various health problems.It's hard to teenagers to deal with normal parenthood and the young parents have a lot to cope with.Real-life chaebol Kang Dong Won has not had any notable dating scandals, despite the fact that he's handsome, rich and very smart. Report This Page Song Hye- kyo was born in November 22, 1981. She earned her popularity by working within various television dramas like autumn in My Heart that came across within the year 2000 that was a high success.