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Apparently Washington state is no different than the rest of the world when it comes to the scourge of domestic violence.

Washington law allows victims of domestic violence to seekcourt orders of protection, also known as restraining orders, against their abusers.

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And while women are the most frequent victims, male partners can also be targeted.Either gender is at risk in both opposite-gender and same-sex intimate partnerships.The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports 53 deaths from domestic violence in the state in 2012, including both murder and suicide, most often from gunshots.Not surprisingly, the densely urban counties of King and Pierce had 15 and 14 deaths, respectively, that year, but several other counties with lower populations also experienced domestic violence fatalities.For example, Snohomish County had two and Skagit County one.

Washington state domestic violence laws are broad, reaching “family or household members,” including: A domestic-violence victim may file a petition for an order for protection in Washington court.Depending on the circumstances, the perpetrator may be restrained from carrying out or threatening violence; from going to a particular place like the victim’s home (even if shared with the respondent), school or place of employment, or a child’s school or day care; from having contact with, monitoring or following the petitioner, his or her children or household members; and more.The court order may also make provisions to protect the petitioner’s minor children and pets, and to restrict access to personal property and cars.The respondent may be ordered to submit to electronic monitoring, to enter a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program or both.Violating an order for protection is a crime and in contempt of court.A domestic violence or similar protection order may also be issued in the context of adivorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, legal separation or similar family law proceeding.