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As long as you keep an open mind and approach it as a way to meet new people, I say give it a shot.

who lives by the motto that "there are plenty of other fish in the sea" and prefer a site that let's you explore your options to the fullest, look no further than

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One thing that's really unique about this site is that it gives you the option to have a blog where you can share posts about yourself if you feel like revealing more information about who you are on a personal level.You can also check out posts that other users have written to get a better sense of who they are before actually meeting or chatting.The site even goes beyond the basic testimonials that you read about couples and instead puts it all together in Amigos Magazine.Dear Shmitten Kitten, Is using a dating website super lame? In your expert opinion is joining a dating site thing tantamount to "giving up" or is it semi-legit? Signed, Charlie First of all, sorry about all the crap you're going through. To answer your question, I think that online dating has lost its stigma. Now if you're asking if I do it, the answer is HELL NO.I think it's at least pretty lame but after a sucky break-up and having a falling out with my friend in quick succession, I was low both on confidence and people to hang out with. My sister met her husband online so I know for a fact that it can work out. Philly is a small town and this is weird to say but whenever I casually browse through Ok Cupid every six months or so, I find that I either know or have already dated most of the guys that catch my eye.

Though I haven't had a ton of problems in the past finding dates, I felt off my game and suddenly lacked most of my social circle through which I could meet people. But, I date more than anyone else I know so I guess my case is weird.

The other reason that I hate online dating is that I only prefer dating shorter guys which I clearly state on my profile.

But what happens is that I have just a bunch of tall guys message me saying that I should give 'em a chance.

Sorry, but I don't feel like scrolling through a bunch of boring emails trying to convince me to change my lifelong preferences in a mate.

Also I write a site about dating which I think would be weird to explain to strangers on a dating site.

But, if I hadn't already dated half of my town and didn't have such finicky tastes and I had a normal job where I didn't write about dating every day, I would totally online date a ton.