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At the end of the Summer Term, most people see it as time to get out those bikinis and sun beds: but for students of all ages, it's the perfect time to start a summer job and add some cash to your pocket and experience to your CV.

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If you are applying in person, take a CV if you have one. For help on how to write your CV, why not read up on how to write the best CV you can or get help from our CV helpers.

Not only is it fun - you get to work indoors and outdoors, you get to play with kids, you get to make new friends and best of all you're getting paid for having a laugh! There are both day camps and residential summer schools/camps to choose from and why should you need to go abroad to do this when nearly every school in your area is probably organising one every year.

Yes, it can be hard work but it's great experience and it looks good on your CV.

The best part is, you're almost guaranteed a spot the following year if they felt you were good and some camps occur every holiday i.e. Applications appear from the beginning of December and can stretch to February or May depending on the company.

It always helps to search university career sites or the company site to be sure. Imagine free music, you get to see the celebrities, enjoy the music, have fun, get free food and tent space etc etc.

A few links to some well known summer school organisers in the UK... Volunteering is useful - it gets some 'experience' on your CV and supports a charitable cause.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, why don't you check it out?

Look online on the popular student recruitment site Just Jobs 4 Students as they advertise for festival workers.

Another idea would be to apply to event staff agencies that send their staff for festival jobs. University work goes on even when students aren't there.

Most Universities require temporary staff over the summer for everything from clerical work in the HR Dept and helping in the Accommodation Office, to working in a Lab.

Some work is 'one-off' (helping at a specific Conference for example) or longer term (all summer). Ask around your own University, or your 'home' University(s) about what might be available - both your own Dept and the main Admin area (Senate, Academic Registry, Finance etc).