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As I’m sure most of you already know, supporting local and small businesses is close to my heart.

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The finale always brings back so many memories for me.

I remember feeling the exact same way that I’m sure you are feeling … This has to be one of the most fabulous, emotional, wonderful blogs I have EVER written and we are SO happy to share this news with you.

This blog and its community has become an extension of our lives, you have supported us, shared your love, questions, frustrations, stories and lives with us, and now we can’t wait to share …

I can’t believe the hometown dates are already here … This is one of my favourite episodes of the season for a two reasons: 1) Family is so important to me and I think family life reflects a lot about someone, and 2) We FINALLY get to know a bit more about each guy (Chase … I am finally starting to get to know the guys a little bit better.

Writing the Bachelor blogs at this stage in the game is always stressful for me because I’m a part of the Bachelor family. This is when their true colours start to show through and you can start to see the connections they’re making …. To get on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette there is a three day screening process.

If I say I don’t like someone and she ends up picking him, I’ll probably have to meet that person face to face … There’s psychological testing, multiple choice tests, all types of tests, and it’s intense!!!so I have to be really careful about what I say!!!! I remember when I was on the show, after doing all of these tests a therapist pulled me aside and told me I should reconsider going on the show. One of the things that I always say at the start of every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and I’m saying it again …the first few episodes are really hard for me to get into. Is it just me or did this season totally sneak up on me??You’re trying to get to know all of the different characters and all of their drastically different personalities. Either way, I am SO excited to watch Jo Jo on this crazy journey to find love. Everyone has little quirks about them that you don’t really KNOW until you get to reallllllly know someone.I honestly feel like Jojo is going to be the best bachelor in history. I was thinking about all of the different questions I get asked and all the things you don’t actually KNOW about ME!!!And well, I thought I would share some of those little things with you so we can get to know …