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Hi All, This may be my most EDA-centric Inclusive yet, as this month Id like to share some vintage EDA history with you that correlates directly with one of the most important performances of Jewels early career...

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Watch the You Tube video for a longer recap, but here’s the gist of it: To pass time on set, Fillion and Staite came up with elaborate ways to give each other the finger as a joke.

With each pass, the prank became more and more complex.

Clever gestures turned into props, which graduated to choreographed maneuvers and, eventually, acquired the assistance of a 3000-person strong convention audience.

Staite, whose final big entry in the prank war involved the entire audience at Dragon Con “saluting” Fillion with the finger, laughed off the experience with fans in the amphitheater of the Seaport World Trade Center.

Then she and a few of the audiences members had the same idea.

“Let’s send a photo to Nathan of us giving him the finger! Staite, who’d already stood up from her chair, pulled out her phone. ” The audience cheered and, which much enthusiasm, flipped off the camera. I mean, it seems my panels always go a lot smoother than yours.” The audience erupted into laughter and a few drowned-out shouts of “Captain, my captain! ” Fillion, whose laughter audibly carried over the amphitheater’s PA system, couldn’t help but continue.

Staite, barely able to contain her laughter, sent the photo to Fillion with a message and continued with the Q&A. Staite put the call on speakerphone and held it to the microphone for the crowd.

“Jewel,” Fillion began, “the photo you sent, of all the people giving you the finger?

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Jennifer Keller is a fictional character from the Canadian-American military science fiction series Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off series to Stargate SG-1.

She is played by Canadian actress Jewel Staite, who previously played the Wraith Ellia in season two episode "Instinct".