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'Big Brother' Winner Derrick Offers Advice To New Players "I think it was just a new experience for us to go on 'Marriage Boot Camp.'" Schroeder said. We weren't going on to try to fix like a broken relationship we were going on more like 'Barry's Bootcamp' where you kind of tone up at the beach.

That's kind of what we were looking at, we were kind of like to tone up our relationship." Schroeder revealed that they were told the producers of While Schroeder and Lloyd weren't necessarily looking to make big changes in their relationship, Schroeder said that "as the season progressed we learned a lot of things about the other couples and even about ourselves." Lloyd added that when it came to other couples' issues they mostly "stayed out of it" though ultimately they "supported everybody and wished them well." Lloyd even said that "we were sick almost the whole time just from crying so much." It seems like Schroeder and Lloyd are stronger than ever, so fans do not have to worry about any breakup, but it should be interesting to see their relationship evolve over the course of the season.

Of course no Vegas getaway would be complete without a couple Jeff and Jordan stories.

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Also Jordan gives a baby update.31 weeks pregnant and it's time for a doctor's visit.Jeff has an unexpected surprise at the doctors office.Big Brother 18 update and a zing in the BB All Access chat room.Tagged: Big Brother, big brother 11, big brother 11 cast, big brother 2015, big brother 2015 spoilers, big brother spoilers, jeff and jordan big brother, jeff and jordan wedding date, jeff schroeder, jordan lloyd 2015 spoilers!Our friends at Big Brother Network shared that Jeff Schroeder went on Periscope to announce their wedding date, which will be on October 1, 2016!

Well, we still have a long time to wait, especially since that will be about two years of being engaged before getting married!

I find it odd, as Jeff and Jordan are set to appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, set to premiere on May 29 on WE tv.

Why appear on the show if things are going so well?

I am guessing they need some extra money and we all know Jeff loves to see himself in front of the camera!

Here is a promo photo for that show: However, I have some photos for their Instagram accounts and they appear to be happy as ever!

I mean, they are hanging out with Haycole from BB16 and Jordan is even trying on wedding dresses!