Itemupdating before properties afterproperties

An Item Event Receiver, which is executed synchronously to prevent save conflict exception or problems with published items, was supposed to do exactly that.

But when I set the property of the item via After Properties, the value did not get stored. Contains Field With Static Name("vti_title")) properties.

The Item Event Receiver needs to update the public override void Item Adding(SPItem Event Properties properties) { base. Item Adding(properties); Update Title Field(properties); } public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) { base. Item Updating(properties); Update Title Field(properties); } /// private void Update Title Field(SPItem Event Properties properties) { var title = Convert. All Share Point lists start with a user editable "Title" column that ECB menu's hang off of and that is the default field to display in associated child tables. For example if you have a list like Company, you can change the display name of Title to "Company Name," and then Employee records display that field for their parent relationship.Where this doesn't work well is lists like Employee, where there is no single column that uniquely identifies a row to an end user.

You could create a new "Full Name" calculated column and delete the Title column, but making Title a calculated column just feels like a cleaner solution.I looked into making Title calculated where it is defined in CAML, but it looked pretty messy, and a true calculated column additionally suffers from the limitation that you can’t pull from other lists.The solution I settled on was to populate it in Item Adding and Item Updating.Of course you tie into those methods with something like: The tricky part is getting the title field by internal name in Item Updating vs. It’s pretty easy once you work through it, but it took me longer than it should have. Recently I had a problem setting the title field of a Page within the pages library.My requirement was to set the title with the value from the Page Title field of the current item.