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Therefore, my conclusion is maybe many are not this way but be aware if you hear a Polish girls in the UK talking down about her own country, this is because of her ego trying to differentiate herself from others. London is too big to meet Polish girls on the street, at least your dream girl, maybe try the Internet. I meet my wife in Kraków, so Poland will always be the best place to meet Polish girls.

However, at the end of this post I do give you some recommendations of concrete places to meet them online.

Despite the proximity in Europe and of course Poles and Brits have a bit of a different point of view when it comes to family and values.

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Ethnicity is never an issue in relationships, it is an individuals relationship to their culture and others that are important. Some things that are a factor if you are a Polish girl in London and meet a native Londoner consider this: The bottom line is the cultures between Italian and Poles are similar, or between Irish and Poles, or Poles and Greeks or Poles and any culture that focuses on old European social values.For example Indian and Chinese have good marriages with Poles if they are more traditional.If you have an Indian guy in London with a Polish girl as long as they both come from the same point of view in life all is fine.I know this sounds hard but many of the Polish girls in London are not in some people’s eyes optimal selections if you are looking for a bride. I am an American living in Poland and I have seen normal girls come back from London with such huge egos that you are better off not trying to marry London girls.Maybe this is not totally true in every case, but it does become a problem if they have lived there longer than half a year.

They feel super self-confident and go to an extreme to try be different than the women in Poland.

Often Polish girls in London will even come back to Poland and say they are English if they have lived there for several years or talk back about Poland. I do not like when any one person judges another country or people.

This is often the reaction of many immigrants into their new countries, they adopt the values of their host country very quickly and over react so to speak.

Alternatively it could be said to be their egos reaction to living in a big city.

London is a big city and many country Polish girls that immigrate to the city of London act different.

It happens to many people who move from the country to the city. But there is a better place than London, why not Poland?