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David Tolin's new book, "Doing CBT: a comprehensive guide to working with behaviors, thoughts, and emotions" was published by Guilford Press in August. Tolin was appointed by state Senator Bob Duff to the Connecticut task force to study hoarding. David Tolin was the most cited researcher at Hartford Hospital.

It was January of 2015 when Allison Schmitt hit rock bottom – not that you could guess by looking at her.

At just 24-years-old, Schmitt was already a two-time Olympian with six medals under her belt including a gold medal performance in the 200-meter freestyle.

After the interviews and celebrations had ended, Schmitt returned to the University of Georgia to continue her collegiate swimming career.

Over time, she became increasingly withdrawn, missing classes and practices, and her swimming performances began to fall off.

At her lowest point, as she drove to watch her sister play hockey, Schmitt thought of driving off the road and ending her life.

(Click here for full story...) The Psychology Department at The Institute of Living and Hartford Hospital will hold their Fourth Annual Psychology Recognition Program on August 16th.

The IOL, Hartford Hospital, and CCMC employ over thirty five doctoral level Psychologists, as well as support essential internship and postdoctoral training programs throughout our healthcare system.

As a requirement for graduation from the Postdoctoral Fellowship programs, the Fellows plan and conduct a research and/or scholarly project related to their training programs.

This year, the presentation of the Fellows’ research projects will be held on Tuesday August 16th from 12-3 PM in the Commons building on the IOL campus.

Please click here to view the schedule of presentations.

All IOL/HH staff, especially those staff members working with the Trainees, are encouraged to attend the Recognition Program.

Unlike many health professions, the field of Clinical Psychology has never established a day, during which the work of Psychologists is recognized on a national level.

Psychology has had a long history here at the IOL, dating back to the early 1950's when Karl Pribram and Mortimer Mishkin (a recent winner of the National Medal of Science) established their Psychophysiology Laboratory here in the Research Building where they conducted some of the earliest research on brain circuitry.