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It is just as legendary as The Undertaker Creates a true sense of disquiet in the pit of your soul.

Can't you see there's fear on my face But I won't run from you That's right these are all my friends Now what are you gonna do?Go ahead and try to push us around And we'll beat you, black & blue Because we don't talk any shit Especially from the likes of you, yeah you Intimidation is your game Well 2 can also play From here on in the battle line's drawn It's you who's gonna pay You think you're right you think we're wrong?Mastermind is a British quiz show, well known for its challenging questions, intimidating setting and air of seriousness.Randy Orton - Voices Orton is great as his theme song. whether or not you like him Randy Orton's song gets everyone pumped up when it starts playing. When Randy orton slowly walks out to this song, it just makes everything seem much more legendary! None of the above song are as awesome as triple h's song. - Brightside Edge - Metalingus This song is addictive an electrifying! Absolutely great song with a great wrestler and my personal favorite. He has defeated stars like John Cena, triple h and randy orton. - subhashsahu Brock's theme song should be on third Every time this comes on are start punching the air Brock lesner song Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down Steve Austin and jericho are my favorite - Ananya Cool rock song. I was all for cena but Orton's song actually makes you cheer for him.. This song is just awesome, really great theme for a really great wrestler. Hey sheamus the only thing that will be written on your face is you suck Brock Lesnar - Here Comes the Pain Best theme song In WWE just Like him Like beast.

It's a good song to listen to, really good beats Triple H - The Game Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor. Too bad his legendary career was cut short with consistent injuries. LISTEN IT VIEWERS, THEN YOU WILL FIND IT WHY THIS SONG IS"THE BEST IN THE WORLD" Oh come on, surely this deserves to be in the top 10.. it so undderated This Fire is WAY BETTER than Cult of Personality. I love the countdown then the pyro, later the lyrics come in. Fits the wrestler perfectly and the titantron entrance compliments it perfectly. Great song for a warrior like Triple H aka the game! Who agrees that Edge was great, but if not hurt, he would be more than just a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion? CENA SUCKS his song is crap I can't believe it's over CM Punks theme song I love it especially the beginning with the guitar it really fits his personality (get it) Both CM punk song are in the top ten John Cena - My Time Is Now Yes you are a real rapper cena and when I will meet I will say man my time is now you are just awesome my time is now should be #2! Punk should of used to this them song instead of Cult of Personality. You break the walls down to find John cena winning the WWE title against you Christian - Just Close Your Eyes"Decieved by my eyes, and all I was told I should see, opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be. CM Punk - Cult Of Personality AWESOME I CAME TO PLAY. Best wrestler ever CM Punk - Cult of Personality HEY! it is way better than human jar of mayonnaise's one. John Cena is the best rapper in this world I really like this song he is a greatest superstar in this universe no one can beat John Cena I really love this song 100 times in one day I love it I love John Cena it should be on number #1 but this song is best song in this world Awesome song by Sir John Cena... You are the loser CM Punk - This Fire Burnskillswitch engage fits CM Punk perfectly. Best of the two punk songs Sheamus - Written On My Face The great white is indeed has the best theme song in WWE history. " Honestly, I'm not a huge Christian fan, but this song kicks ass and could easily be played by itself on the radio instead of a walk up song. It says in his song he's one of a kind The Miz - I Came to Play1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me3. It is the best song in WWE history suites him very well if I say so myself - FREEKILL720 This song is awesome like the Miz I swear I smelled his underwear it does stink John Cena - Word Life This song is totally my style I've got it on CD and I know some of the rap its 100 percent better than my time is now WORD LIFE RULES my fave theme ever! It is a legendary WWE song which will remain in the hearts of millions... The Rock - Electrifying Hit miss a man what the rock is cookin al I know what the rock is cookin and he's cookin some real sexyness inside him his theme song is like the best from any other superstar I know I hope the rock is wwe champion again and kicks john cena;s ass Wow The Rock Is The Most Electrifying sports Entertainer ever in The Wwe History Doesn't Matter if his song is No. This song is really deep, it talks about shutting out everything that people tell you to do, or say, or be, and finding your own path in life, instead of one that others have paved for you. 111 - benq This song is the best one and kinda better than time is now Gangster rap meets a hard working white collar superstar. I happen to like Sheamus now, but even if you hate him and/or find him boring, it's pretty hard to deny that his new song is awesome. Great song and also a great wrestler how could you not love this song I mean seriously it's amazing plus the waterproof blonde version is good too This should b actually no1! Don't just look whose theme song it is, but just hear the song and vote it! Then comes metalingus l8r voices according to me Just close your eyes because John cena is gonna hurt you The Undertaker - Rest In Peace It's the best music ever... Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind Should be top ten greatest theme song after benoit and bret hart Should be on top... The way it should be John Cena is my first best super star in the world HBK - I Am Just a Sexy Boyone of the best themes eva!