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Quotas and sales go hand-in-hand, and experienced leaders know how important these metrics are.

Your organization needs to set aggressive targets to 1) bring structure to growth milestones, 2) keep team members unified around common goals, and 3) measure performance against established targets.

Experienced sales leaders know that these risks are minimal compared to the potential rewards -- the opportunity to meet new people, make a big impact, and advance into leadership.

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Here are five ways that sales team leaders can eliminate the stress of aggressive quotas: When your organization is transparent about the assumptions that influence these calculations, your sales reps will feel more comfortable and empowered.

In fact, high-performers will take the extra step to ‘crush’ these metrics and set new company records.

In addition to presenting new sales reps with a number, make sure to explain where the calculations come from. What’s most important is that new team members have a forum to speak openly and honestly about their concerns and fears.

This context will empower sales reps to feel sale and connected with the rest of the organization. In addition to assigning reps with a quarterly number, make sure to give them a timeline of how they should be pacing.

This timeline can be based on recommended or historical milestones, with the caveat that sales may fluctuate over the course of the quarter.

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