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We created The Guru Black Book to give you the same access to the top dating gurus and pick up artists that we personally have so that you can find the answers you need to take your game to the next level.

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So how refreshing is it to see Tracey Africa, fashion’s first African-American transgender […] You probably remember the hit movie “Straight Outta Compton” last year, and if you’re super particular about things like the Bechdel test (like myself) then you probably also remember that there was little interaction with women in the movie other than talking about the men in their lives.

As soon as the movie came out, Michel’le, […] Remember when we praised H&M for having Ashley Graham in their Studio Collection ads and not making a big deal out of it?

While the clothing wasn’t sold in stores, it was still a big step for a curve woman to the face of a non-curvy fashion line.

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Sometimes you see a video that’s so cool you just really want to share it with a lot of people…this is one of those videos.

It’s from one of our most popular and featured Gurus, AFC Adam Lyons and it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before, I guarantee it.You will NOT hear a bunch of stupid pick up lines or cheesy methods…you will hear something much more profound, set in a video that is compelling and fun to watch.Listen closely to the words, because they might clear away some of the fog and make you a slightly better (and happier) man.I have to admit, the TITLE, is VERY Misleading to the meaning of the video but it was inspired by another video and is a play on that title.It’s We are here to help you find the answers that will give you the success you're looking for with women.We started out much like most guys reading this page, looking to gain more skills and success with women.